Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Nintendo & Sonos

Influencer event Gaming with the Family

Nintendo was bringing two new family games to the market. At the same time, Sonos was looking for a way to introduce its new smart soundbar to a family audience. So… why not combine them? An afternoon filled with pie, gaming consoles, and soundbars, all together in a lovely living space gave media and influencers everything they needed to help boost the three product launches.


“We went to Mario. The one with the karts. The guy who fights Bowser. Super cool! We were told it would be an afternoon of gaming. Naturally, everyone was super jealous. “You get to do all the fun stuff!”

Kimberly from Beebs and Moms



Three seperate launches

Nintendo with its two new family games + Sonos with its smart family-oriented soundbar = three products sharing a target group, and all looking for awareness.


Matching experiences

We chose ‘The Unbound’, a boutique garden hotel in Amsterdam, as our event location. We matched each colour with a suiting activity in a dedicated room: a matcha tea workshop, a full moon walk and aura photography.



A combined influencer and media event

A Super Mario theme event allowed both brands to showcase their products. All attending journalists and influencers had the chance to experience Nintendo’s new games together with their children, while the Sonos Beam provided state of the art gaming sound. As a bonus, a separate Beam product demonstration showed the attendees exactly how the smart soundbar takes every family gathering to a higher (audio) level.

‘Education’ served as the umbrella theme. Focus was laid on how gaming stimulates children’s motoric development and on the bonding power of listening to music together.

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