Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog


Brand introduction in the Netherlands

In Italy, Bertazzoni’s stylish kitchen appliances were all the rage – but in the Netherlands, the brand was barely known. That’s why it requested a multi-year strategy to gradually introduce their brand via local media, focused primarily on the classic Bertazzoni stove. With a “bellissima” brand activation we laid the foundation for Bertazzoni’s Dutch press network.


La dolce vita: Italian specialties made with amore by an Italian chef for Dutch journalists.



Brand introduction and awareness

Stoves of the highest quality with an incredibly sophisticated design. That’s what the Italian family-owned kitchen expert Bertazzoni has to offer. But… no-one in the Netherlands knew about that, so they needed a solid multi-year PR approach - starting with a superb first impression on the Dutch food-oriented media.


A sizzling brand activation

We outfitted a beautiful location in Amsterdam, named Loetjes Garage, with a number of Bertazzoni stoves. We invited different food-oriented media for an “Italian culinary sensation”. Our head chef for the evening was flown in from Italy, together with some authentic home-grown ingredients, to prepare dishes from the Italian kitchen in the Garage. To top it all off, we had Dutch artist Sjem Bakkus decorate one of the stoves with his signature paintings, which we then offered as a prize for one of the attending media. It’s safe to say that this special stove was the hottest topic during dinner!



Publicity and press relations

The saying “love goes through the stomach” evidently also ringed true for the attending journalists. The event generated widespread coverage in prominent Dutch food-oriented media such as Elle Eten, Villa d'Arte, Residence, Eatlovefood, and FlavorFlav. All gave smashing reviews of the event and the stoves, with most of the articles and social media posts featuring pictures of our Italian chef practicing his cooking craft. The event served as a starter for the development of Bertazzoni’s bonds with Dutch food-oriented media that could be built and expanded upon for years to come.


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