Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

BLOG - Influencing the political agenda and public opinion: 5 DO’S EN DON’TS

Do you want to put a topic on the political and/or public agenda? A PR campaign can definitely reinforce certain PA objectives. That's why Johan, our Corporate Comms Director, lists 5 major do's and don'ts below.

1. A topic is not a story (yet)

Just because a topic keeps you up at night, doesn’t mean that your target audience cares. So turn it into a story that truly inspires them. Earning their attention is the only way to get them behind your cause.

--> A good example of the difference between a 'topic' (the need for a legally binding toilet pass) and a 'story' (hidden camera shows how IBD patients are denied access to store toilets) is this project we did for Takeda and IBD patient organizations.

2. Bring it the right way

A grand guerilla action or a sober content story? A sliding tackle or an outstretched hand? A broad media story or targeted exclusivity? At Charly PR, we've done it all - but always goal-oriented and in line with both the story and overall corporate messaging. So think it through.

3. Make your case watertight

Whoever your target audiences are, they’ve never been more critical than today. All possible information about your topic and organization can be found online. And both traditional and social media have no mercy for unconvincing stories – beware of #greenwashing for example. Therefore, check your story for plot holes and make sure your organization is credible as a messenger. And prepare for as many potential critical questions as possible, so you can answer them with confidence.

--> We recently PR-waterproofed a PA story for the Belgian photography industry. It led to this #StopLiveEnrollment campaign which landed in all Belgian media in the way we intended: as the noble fight of small independent businesses against the big government.

4. Choose your channels wisely

There are many channels to reach politicians and the general public. With a good mix, you increase your reach and you can assign the right sub messages to the channels through which they’ll be the most effective. That way you’re not betting on one horse either, which would be a risk. After all, in PR, traditional media coverage is never guaranteed.  

5. Don't waste your energy

We have advised against petitions at least as often as we have advised for them. Organizations often overestimate both the willingness of people to sign it and its power to persuade decision makers. A petition requires a lot of energy, so use it only if it can really make a difference.

And do you really need that expensive full-custom content platform? Or will a free solution like Weebly and/or your existing social channels do just fine? Here as well, we have already advised and implemented both. Always in the interest of the client and its objective.

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