Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog

Five key skills for a good spokesperson? Read our blog



From knowledge-sharing sessions to simulation

Want to get the most out of your MarCom budget? Simply boost your agency’s experience with good in-house competence. That’s why we love sharing expertise about:

  • Media relations and interviews
  • PR & thought leadership
  • Crisis Communications
  • LinkedIn (social media)
  • Writing with impact (copywriting)

We do all this by blending theory and practice, both through knowledge sessions (for everyone in the communications team) and targeted trainings (like an extensive media and crisis communications workshops for CEOs or other spokespeople).

Check out our standard trainings below. And always happy to create custom trainings around any of our areas of expertise.



Preparing for the worst

What if your company finds itself right in the middle of a media storm? What you say and do and how quickly will make or break your reputation. Our crisis communications experts prepare your crisis team and spokespeople for this, in theory and practice. Want to leave absolutely nothing to chance? Then why not get all your teams up-to-speed on the most important tactics and internal guidelines.

Want to sleep on both ears? Then a proactive crisis communications plan and a crisis communications agency on speed dial 24/7, are the way to go. 


Press relations done right

How do local and international media operate? How do you get the right messages across in interviews? How do you tackle tough questions? What pitfalls are unique to TV interviews? Teach your external communications team everything there is to know through our interactive media training.



Maximizing the power of PR…

… starts with making it visible internally. Many PR & communications managers struggle with low PR awareness in key departments (e.g., marketing, sales, and operations). So, what is PR? How does it work? And above all, what can you achieve with it and how? With our public relations knowledge-sharing sessions, you create internal support for PR activities and fire up the right people to play their part. Both on stage and behind the screens. 

This training workshop is also available with an additional focus on thought leadership. It shows your colleagues with expertise and vision how to recognize appropriate topics for media stories.



Writing with impact

A tricky email to a customer, a project or idea pitch, a major HR announcement – when your whole team writes clear, persuasive messages, the whole company benefits. We’re not trying to turn them into professional copywriters, one of our senior content creators simply shares ready-to-use tips & tricks that make a huge difference.

And for your people responsible for external content (social media managers, community managers, etc.) we go a step further, by offering professional training tailored to their specific needs.

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