LVTPR becomes Charly PR. Read the whole story here

LVTPR becomes Charly PR. Read the whole story here

LVTPR becomes Charly PR. Read the whole story here

LVTPR becomes Charly PR. Read the whole story here

Bosch eBike Systems

Boosting brand image

Bosch eBikes was looking for a way to reach a younger audience. Despite the fact that eBikes fit the lives of young adults perfectly in several ways, they were not exactly popular there yet. With a fashionable campaign on the catwalk, we demonstrated the brand's value and boosted its image among that target group.


During the Jenneskens runway show, the Bosch eBike Systems bike shorts shined on the runway – and on everyone’s social feeds!



Polishing the brand image

Aren’t eBikes just for old people who have lost the strength to pedal their way through town? No sir! eBikes blend in perfectly with city life and outdoor sports. They also match important values of young adults, like sustainability and technological innovation. Bosch eBike Systems asked us to show the value of eBikes (and its own brand of course) to young adults.


Capitalize on fashion trends

How do young people express their identity? Precisely, through fashion! That’s why we decided to capitalize on one of the most prominent sports fashion trends of the year: bike shorts. Partnering with the innovative, sustainable designer Kimberley Jenneskens, we designed a unique pair of Bosch eBike Systems shorts. During her own show, a large crowd of youthful and fashionable influencers from our network saw our shorts shining on the runway – and their followers on their social feeds!



Trendsetter image

A number of influencers went live on Instagram during the catwalk event. Afterwards, we gave all attendees goodie bags that included the bike shorts. In the next few days, the shorts appeared in influencer feeds (like Bobbie Bodt and Lizet Greve) and in articles on leading fashion platforms like L’Officiel.Bosch eBike Systems, fashionable? From now on: absolutely!

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